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Hi, Dawn, I’m sharing this photo with you to show my gratitude for you and for Rolfing. Your healing talent as a Rolfer has everything to do with my ability to go into these yoga asanas, Supta Vajrasana and Camel. My left tibia fracture is completely healed thanks to you. My yoga technique needs a little work, but, you know what? I haven’t been able to do back bends from the knees this well since I was in my 30s teaching yoga full-time. So, I am thrilled! I can’t believe I can put weight on my left shin without pain. Plus, no knee pain and no back pain. I am a Rolfing fanatic now. Thank you so very much!!


Rolfing in Baltimore, MD

I have been hearing rave reviews about Dawn St. Clair's work.  As a massage therapist, I decided I needed to experience it myself.  I had a problem with Plantar Fasciitis for years when Dawn had me walk back and forth across the room in my bare feet, I strongly complained that I couldn't do that--it aggravated my foot too much.  She immediately focused on that problem area.  There was no "magic moment," but after se

veral sessions with Dawn, I began to notice my foot was better.  By the end of my ten sessions with her, I could easily walk barefooted.  I have recommended her work to a number of my clients since experiencing it first hand.

Peggy Shearer

I can truly say Rolfing and specifically Rolfing with Dawn St. Clair has changed my life. There are a few times in life that one has an awakening and you can see a different path. Experiencing Rolfing has been such an experience for me. I know in my heart Dawn truly cares about her patients and she loves what she does- which is to help people become healthier and more pain free. I am hooked. I cannot imagine not Rolfing. I am a lifetime member thanks to Dawn.


I was training for a physical fitness test, which was one componenet of a long job application process.  The first time I took the test, I was in so much pain from the tightness in my lower back that I could not even complete the test.  After Rolfing with Dawn for a couple of months, I noticed significant reduction in my lower back pain.  I was able to re-take and pass the test without pain or overwhelming tightness.  Over the following months, I continued Rolfing with Dawn as part of my training routine, and the tightness in my back continued to dissipate.  I have taken the physical fitness test multiple times since then, and I have not had any further painful tightness in my lower back.  There is no question in my mind that Rolfing with Dawn played a major role in my ability to pass the physical fitness test and ultimately get the job offer."  J.L.


Rolfing in Baltimore, MD

Since starting Rolfing with Dawn, I find myself standing more vertically, and everything moves more freely.  My posture shows much improvement, even after being a jeweler for decades!

Julia Fluker

I went to Dawn to try Rolfing because I was experiencing the severe pain of  Plantar Fasciitis from playing squash.  I had been to two doctors with no results.  After the first session, my pain was gone and I have not had the problem since.

Kevin Carney

After my first session with Dawn, my plantar fasciitis and my back pain (from an injury) subsided, and and I felt overall better. After three sessions with Dawn, my plantar fasciitis is gone, my back no longer hurts, I stand taller and I walk better. As I walk my dogs 2 to 5 miles a day, it has made a huge difference in my life. Thank you, Dawn for relieving my pain and allowing me to move more freely. 

Kathleen Lester

Thanks for being an outstanding, inspiring, and a motivating Certified Advanced Rolfing Practitioner.  Your help and guidance through out our Rolfing sessions helped me to improve my posture and it appears that I am taller as a result of the sessions.  My shoulder and arm are pain free and mobile.  My flexibility has improved and my agility is excellent.  My golf swing and golf game has improved dramatically.  I am pleased with the results of my Rolfing sessions.

Fred Glose

“Foot pain was preventing me from exercising and limiting my walking too. Two top orthopedists recommended surgery.  While considering the long recovery period required and somewhat fearful of fusing bones (one doctor) or cutting them down (the second opinion), I started to see Dawn St Clair weekly. My bunion pain reduced over the first two sessions and by the third my entire foot felt better. After two months of regular treatment, my feet felt great and I was able to do what I wanted. I also noticed I no longer had low back or hip pain either. Dawn’s amazing ability to see imbalances and gently coax my body back into harmony has made a huge difference in my life.  I am so glad I saw her rather than a surgeon. I continue to see her regularly because it makes me feel great.” 

Female, early fifties, Baltimore

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