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About Dawn

Dawn St. Clair

Certified Advanced Rolfer™

Dawn is a Certified Advanced Rolfer. She began the Rolfing process in 2002 as a client of her mother, June St. Clair.  Dawn quickly noticed that she was standing taller due to improved postural balance and that she could breathe easier.  As a whole, she felt more comfortable in her body. 


Dawn graduated from the Rolf Institute in December 2006 and is a Certified Advanced Rolfer™, earning a higher level of certification beyond the Basic level that deepens the understanding of the theoretical and practical application of Rolfing Structural Integration. Dawn was a Personal Trainer for seven years, where she worked both at the Maryland Athletic Club and the Baltimore County Country Club. Dawn also has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from University of Maryland at College Park. 


The combination of Dawn's personal training and Rolfing experience , gives her a unique perspective in working with clients. Dawn currently has a full time Rolfing practice in Baltimore, MD (Parkville Neighborhood), where she enjoys helping clients obtain more ease in their body so they can move effortlessly. 


Dawn is also an Authorized RichWay Distributor.  Please check out her other website at:  for more information.  If you are interested in experiencing a Rolfing session on a Professional Biomat, please contact Dawn.  

Dawn St. Clair, Advanced Rolfer, Baltimore, MD, Rolfing Baltimore
Rolfing Services in Baltimore, MD, Rolfing Baltimore
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